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Become a BASI Level 2 Ski Instructor

Start your journey to becoming a BASI Level 2 instructor here.

TM Ski & Travel offer bespoke ski instructor courses that are governed by the BASI system (The British Association of Ski Instructors). The BASI governing body is a UK based membership association responsible for the training and licensing of snowsport instructors and coaches. We offer three quality courses, check out which BASI Level 2 course is most suitable for you.

Our BASI level 2 courses require a high level of skill in your personal skiing and your analysis of other skiers. Many students decide to sit extra training prior to their exams, therefore we offer three different courses ranging from 16 nights to 28 nights.

84% pass rate


“I just wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you for your help, guidance and support prior and during my level 2 course. I have got to say that the hospitality you provided me and the others was fantastic. Once again thank you, passing the level 2 has meant so much to me, as it has allowed me to take the next step on my journey to having a career in the world of skiing.”

Great Value and far more than expected

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  • BASI Level 1

    BASI Level 2 Course Only

  • BASI Level 1

    BASI Level 2 Course 2 – Plus 2 Days Training (5hrs per day)

  • BASI Level 1

    BASI Level 2 Course 2 – Plus 6 Days Training (5hrs per day)

  • BASI Level 1

    BASI Level 2 Course 2 – Plus 12 Days Training (5hrs per day)


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